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Landscaped gardens

The scents of nature


Follow the planted pathways from Thames City to London’s new Linear Park. This reaches from Battersea Power Station in the west along the river to Thames City and Vauxhall, taking in existing green spaces, public squares, shopping parades, hotels, parks and gardens.


Every detail of the landscaping has been created to offer joy.

Lush planting, intricate interconnecting gardens and a mass of mature trees are signature features of Thames City, making it a heavenly place to be.

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Linear Park

Linear Park is a brand new London park that provides a green walk from Vauxhall Bridge to Battersea Power Station. Publicly accessible it encompasses charming play areas, sculptured seating and hundreds of new trees.

An exclusive residents only garden overlooking the Linear Park.

The Podium is an exclusive garden at Thames City overlooking Linear Park and sitting above the main arrival area on building No.8. Beautiful oriental planting and discretely placed seating create a delightful setting to relax and enjoy the low level views across the Thames.


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The Podium

A standout feature of Thames City is its private podium courtyard for residents, containing over 20 gardens in flowing circular designs that lead you to beautiful stopping off points and places to gather with family and friends.

Communal space for residents is mixed
with private space and play areas,
ensuring residents of Thames City
always have a green, genteel and
welcoming place to be.



Natural light floods into the East Courtyard entrance hall through its expansive glass dome roof and golden slatted frame. Beautiful planting inside is a continuum of the landscaped gardens outside. This is a temperature controlled, airy environment that delivers a positive welcome all year round.

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5 star arrival

Arriving at your home in Thames City is an experience equal to entering the world’s most luxurious and exclusive hotels.

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Your every need can be tended to with a concierge team available to serve 24 hours a day.

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West courtyard

The impressive structure of West Courtyard is a focal point within Thames City.